1. Medical laboratories for testing of RT PCR RNA
  2. Click the below links for list of NABL Accredited Testing, Medical and Calibration Laboratories performing activities related to addressing COVID-19
    a. Labs for testing of Ventilators
    b. Labs for Testing of PPE for medical use
    c. Labs for testing of Sanitizer – Efficacy
    d. Labs for testing of Gloves –Sterility
    e. Labs for testing of Mask – Bioburden, Sterility
    f. Labs for testing of Textile – Water repellency/resistance
    g. Labs for testing of Medical devices – as per ISO 10993 (various parts)
    h. Labs for testing of
     Endotoxin in surgical/medical items

    i. Labs for testing of Pyrogen in medical devices
    j. Labs for Calibration of Medical Equipment
    (Patient Monitor, Ventilator, Infusion Pump, Syringe Pump, Defibrillator, Suction Pump, BP Apparatus, ECG Machine, Nebulizer, Radiator Warmer & Infant Incubator, Pulse Oxymeter, Boyles Apparatus, Blood Gas Analyzer, Semi Auto Analyzer, Hematology Analyzer, OT Table, Flow Meter, BiPAP, Autoclave)
    k. Labs for testing of ‘Thermographs for human febrile temperature screening
  3. Online RMP Training – 3 days training program for Accredited / Applicant / Potential RM Producers based on ISO 17034:2016 during 17th – 19th June 2020. Click here for Information Brochure Agenda  and Registration form
    a. 1st June 2020 – Online training program on “Sanitiser Efficacy, Gloves Sterility Testing & Mask efficiency testing for biological laboratories”Click here for BROCHURE and to REGISTER                                         
    b.   2nd June’ 2020 – Online training program on “Basic Approach to manage Risk in Laboratories”
    . Click here for BROCHURE and to REGISTER           
    c.  08th June 2020 – Online Training for Chemical and Biological Laboratories: Introduction to Validation and Verification. Click for BROCHURE and to REGISTER
    d.  10th June 2020 – Online Training on Concept of GMO testing and Molecular Analysis for Biological testing Laboratories. Click here for BROCHURE and to REGISTER
    e.  15th June 2020 – Online Training on Ensuring the Validity of Results (PT/ILC, Retesting, Replicate Testing, Use of CRMs etc. for chemical laboratories. Click here for BROCHURE and to REGISTER
    f.  16th June 2020 – Online Training on Concept of Software & IT System Testing. Click here for BROCHURE and to REGISTER
    g.  17th June 2020 – Online Training on Concept of Pollution and Environmental Testing. Click here for BROCHURE and to REGISTER
    h.   23rd June 2020 – Online Training on Concept of Calibration of Medical Devices. Click here for BROCHURE and to REGISTER
    i.  24th June 2020 – Online Training on Concept of Hazardous and Restricted Chemicals testing. Click here for BROCHURE and to REGISTER                                                     
    j. 30th June 2020 – Online Training on How to report compliance in the test report in mechanical testing. Click here for BROCHURE and to REGISTER
  5. NABL Medical Entry Level Testing (MELT) Labs Program
  6. “List of recently revised/amended NABL Documents”
  7. Revised  Fee Structure for FY 2020-21
  8. Fraudulent Email Alert
  9. Precautionary measures from NABL in response to COVID-19 Pandemic
  10. “Standards made available free of cost to combat COVID-19”
  11. The transition period for implementation of NABL 133 ‘Policy for Use of NABL Symbol has been extended till 30.06.2020
  12. News Letter
  13. New- Revised Format for ‘Scope of Accreditation’ visible to the CABs
  14. Clarification on Discipline and Group/ Category to be mentioned by NABL accredited laboratories/RMPs, alongwith ULR No. in their reports/certificates.
  15. In view of the digitalization of accreditation process, NABL would issue the ‘Accreditation Certificate’ and ‘Scope of Accreditation; only as a soft copy. The ‘Scope of Accreditation’ does not require any signatures. For verification of scopes, please visit our website www.nabl-india.org
  16. Revised Transition Plan from ISO/IEC 17025:2005 to ISO/IEC 17025:2017