International Recognition

International Recognition




NABL conducts third-party assessment of the technical competence of testing, calibration and medical laboratories, Proficiency Testing Providers and Reference Material Producers and provides accreditation to: 

✓ Testing laboratories as per ISO/IEC 17025

✓ Calibration laboratories as per ISO/IEC 17025

✓ Medical testing laboratories as per ISO 15189

✓ Proficiency Testing Providers (PTP) as per ISO/IEC 17043

✓ Reference Material Producers (RMP) as per ISO 17034

To assess the technical competence of the CAB, NABL seeks experts with technical knowledge and current experience of working in a CAB and train them as Technical Assessors to conduct on-site assessment of CABs.

Guided by its requirements, NABL constantly endeavors to increase its pool of trained assessors from all appropriate sources to cater to ever increasing demands of accreditation.

The assessors are drawn from pool of experts in various fields / facilities and actively involved in Testing/ Calibration/ Medical/ PTP/ RMP in a CAB or industry. Some of the readily available sources of experts in the country are any of the leading CABs in government, autonomous bodies, PSU’s etc.