S. No.Name & DesignationEmail ID / Contact No.Key Responsibility
1.Mr. N. Venkateswaran,  0124-4679716, 736Overall responsibility of NABL Accreditation Programme
2.Mr. P.X. Xavier Deputy Director 0124-4679716Personal Secretary to CEO
3.Mr. Avijit Das Sr. Director 0124-4679734Head- Incoming Applications (ISO/ IEC 17025), New Projects,  Operations (Testing), Operations (Calibration),  Geotechnical (IGS) & Integrated Assessment
4.Ms. Mallika Gope  0124-4679782QA, PTP & RMP Program 
5.Mr. Srikanth R. Director 0124-4679722Head-Operation (Calibration), Assessors Training and Monitoring,
6.Mrs. Anuja Anand Director 0124-4679725Head-Operation (Testing)
7.Mr. Pankaj Johri 0124-4679720Head-Operation (Medical)
8.Ms. Ritu Kulshrestha Joint  0124-4679756Operations (Medical)
9.Ms. Sunita Rawat, Joint  0124-4679711Incoming Applications
10.Mr. Nitan Garg, Joint  0124-4679712Operations (Testing)
11.Ms. Anita Rani Joint  0124-4679732Accreditation of  PTP & RMP, QA, Assessor training, M(EL)T and Operation (Calibration)
12.Mr. Vikas Kumar Jaiswal Joint  0124-4679730Operations (Testing), Accounts, HR & Admin, Complaints, Grievances and RTI
13.Ms. S. Gayathri Joint Director 0124-4679755Operations (Medical)
14.Ms. Devaki Devi Mandava Joint  0124-4679751Operations (Medical)
15.Mr. Vinay Kumar Tyagi Joint Director 0124-4679791Operations (Testing)
16.Mr. Ramprasath. R Joint Director 0124-4679783International Affairs,  Regulatory Compliance and Competency Management
17.Dr. Bhumi Rajyaguru   Deputy  0124-4679727Accreditation of Medical Laboratories
18.Ms. Iti Saxena Deputy 0124-4679724Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
19.Ms. Rini Narayan Deputy Director 0124-4679770Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
20.Mr. Ashutosh D. Tatwawadi Deputy Directorashutosh@nabl.qcin.  0124-4679766Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
21.Mr. Ram Ashray Kushwaha Deputy  0124-4679772Accreditation of Calibration Laboratories
22.Mr. Soundira Pandian Deputy  0124-4679785Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
23.Dr. Pankaj Goyal Deputy  0124-4679796Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
24.Mr. Chandrakant Solanki Deputy Director 0124-4679752Accreditation of Medical Laboratories
25.Mr. Rahul Jain Deputy  0124-4679723Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
26.Ms. Prachi Kukreti Deputy Director 0124-4679780Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
27.Ms. Ruchi Guntuku Deputy  0124-4679763Complaints
28.Ms. Shweta Sinha Deputy  0124-4679757Accreditation of Medical Laboratories
29.Mr. Pankaj Varshney, Deputy Director 0124-4679715Accreditation of Calibration Laboratories
30.Mr. Nitin Gupta, Deputy  0124-4679729Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
31.Mr. Rajeshwar Kumar, Deputy  0124-4679774Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
32.Mr. Ashok Kumar Deputy  0124-4679748Accreditation of Medical Laboratories
33.Mr. Naveen Jangra Deputy  0124-4679731Accreditation of Calibration Laboratories
34.Ms. Malancha Das, Deputy Director 0124-4679762Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
35.Mr. Haribabu A Deputy  0124-4679753Accreditation of Medical Laboratories
36.Mr. Ranjith Kumar Deputy Director 0124-4679745Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
37.Mr. Mandeep Kumar Deputy  0124-4679718Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
38.Mr. Nikhil Kumar Deputy  0124-4679719Accreditation of Testing, PTP & Coordinator for Software cell
39.Mr. Ravi Johri Deputy  0124-4679742QA activities
40.Mr. Vishal Shukla Deputy Director 0124-4679741Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
41.Ms. Sangeeta Kunwar Assistant  0124-4679776Accreditation of Calibration Laboratories
42.Mr. Neeraj Verma Assistant Director 0124-4679781Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
43.Ms. Jayeeta Majumdar Assistant Director 0124-4679754Accreditation of Medical Laboratories
44.Ms. Pooja Singh Assistant  0124-4679790Accreditation of Testing Laboratories & RMP
45.Mr. Amit Kumar Assistant  0124-4679771Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
46.Mr. Ajay Sharma Assistant  0124-4679793Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
47.Mr. Sachin Tomar Assistant  0124-4679767Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
48.Mr. Ashish Kakran Assistant Director 0124-4679705Accreditation of Calibration Laboratories
49.Dr. Mitali Gupta Assistant  0124-4679733Accreditation of Medical Laboratories
50.Ms. Priyanka Pandey Assistant Director 0124-4679735Accreditation of Medical Laboratories
51.Ms. Suman Kharayat Assistant Director 0124-4594829Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
52.Mr. Abhinav Thakur Assistant Director 0124-4679775Accreditation of Calibration Laboratories
53.Mr. Siri Babu Assistant Director 0124-4679706Accreditation of Testing Laboratories and PTP
54.Ms. Syed Tahira Rizvi Assistant Director 0124-4679786Accreditation of Medical Laboratories
55.Mr. Nand Kumar Kushwaha Assistant Director 0124-4679707Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
56.Mr. Amit Kumar Assistant Director 0124-4679708Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
57.Mrs. Upasna Jain Accreditation Officer 0124-4679703Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
58.Ms. Mamta Bharti Accreditation Officer 0124-4594823Accreditation of Calibration Laboratories
59.Mr. Mithilesh Kumar Accreditation Officer 0124-4679737Accreditation of Calibration Laboratories
60.Mr. Pawan Kumar Singh Accreditation Officer 0124-4594810Document & Record Management
61.Ms. Monika Gupta Accreditation Officer 0124-4594826Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
62.Mr. Vivek Vardhan Accreditation Officer 0124-4679702Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
63.Mr. Prince Garg Accreditation Officer 0124-4679710Accreditation of Testing Laboratories
64.Ms. Rozina Accreditation Officer 0124-4679704Accreditation of Medical Laboratories
65.Mr. Kilari Udayabhaskar Accreditation Officer 0124-4679758Accreditation of Medical Laboratories
66.Mr. Bhaskar Maraina Accreditation Officer 0124-4594825Accreditation of Medical Laboratories
67.Ms. Babita Sharma Administrative Officer
68.Ms. V. Sreeja Kumari Administrative OfficerIncharge Certificate Cell
69.Mr. Dinesh Sayal Administrative OfficerSoftware Cell
70.Ms. Sarita Choudhary Administrative OfficerSoftware Cell
71.Mr. Praveen Budhani Administrative OfficerAdministration
72.Ms. Kavita Choudhary Administrative OfficerHR & Admin
73.Mr. Arun Sharma Administrative OfficerAdministration
74.Mr. Rahul Singh Sr. Office AssistantAdministration
75.Ms. Manmeet Samyal Sr. Office AssistantCertificate Cell