With an objective to ensure the acceptance of test/ calibration results issued by the accredited conformity assessment bodies (CAB) across the borders, NABL maintains linkages with the international bodies-

  • International Laboratory Accreditation Co-operation (ILAC) and
  • Asia Pacific Accreditation Co-operation (APAC). 

NABL is a full member of ILAC and APAC and regularly takes part in their meetings.

 NABL is Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA) signatory to ILAC as well as APAC for the accreditation programs – Testing and Calibration (ISO/IEC 17025), Medical (ISO 15189) and Proficiency Testing Providers (PTP) (ISO/IEC 17043).

NABL is also having APAC Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA) for Reference materials producers (RMP) (ISO 17034).

Such international arrangements/ MRA are based on peer evaluation and acceptance of other MRA Partner accreditation systems. MRA facilitate acceptance of test/ calibration results between countries which MRA partners represent.

Certificate issued to NABL for APACILAC MRA Signatory.

More information on such international co-operations can be obtained from their web-sites www.ilac.org and www.apac-accreditation.org respectively.