Voluntary Withdrawal Accreditation
Registration Code Lab Name Certificate Number Discipline Remark
M-0252 Accutest Research Laboratories (I) Private Limited M-0202 Medical w.e.f. 10.08.2017
M-0254 SRL Limited MC-2018 Medical w.e.f. 12.03.2018
M-0297 SRL Limited MC-2119 Medical w.e.f. 13.04.2018
M-0349 Department of Laboratory Medicine- Deepak Memorial Hospital MC-2082 Medical w.e.f. 30.01.2018
M-0386 SRL Limited MC-2234 Medical w.e.f. 27.03.2018
M-0610 Department of Laboratory Medicine – The Apollo Clinic, Kandivali – ONEWORLD IMPEX (Division of Raj Petro Specialities Pvt. Ltd.) MC-2121 Medical w.e.f. 13.04.2018
M-0641 Cryo-Save (India) Private Limited MC-2094 Medical w.e.f. 30.01.2018
M-0688 SMGTEF (Sahyadri Medical Genetics & Tissue Engineering Facility) MC-2424 Genetics w.e.f. 05.08.2019
M-0688 SMGTEF (Sahyadri Medical Genetics & Tissue Engineering Facility) MC-2424 Clinical Biochemistry w.e.f. 05.08.2019
M-0718 SciGenom Labs Pvt. Ltd. M-0521 Medical w.e.f. 23.11.2016
M-0829 Dr. Lal PathLabs Ltd. MC-2694 Medical w.e.f. 03.11.2018
M-0859 SRL Limited M-0704 Medical w.e.f. 13.04.2018
M-0979 Sterling Hospital, Pathology Department MC-2016 Medical w.e.f. 10.08.2017
M-1012 Semler Research Center, Clinical Diagnostic Services M-0854 Medical w.e.f. 08.02.2017
M-1019 Max Labs 24x7, Max Hospital (A Unit of Max Healthcare Institute Limited) M-0777 Medical w.e.f. 17.03.2017
M-1022 Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Private Limited MC-2057 Medical w.e.f. 10.10.2018
M-1025 Department of Laboratory Services, Panchsheel Hospital Private Limited MC-2288 Medical w.e.f. 20.02.2018
M-1026 SRL Limited MC-2098 Medical w.e.f. 03.01.2018
M-1050 Department of Laboratory Medicine, Sunshine Hospitals (A Sarvejana Health Care (P) Ltd.) MC-2401 Medical w.e.f. 12.01.2018
M-1097 Dr. Kukreja’s Path Lab (A Unit of Rediscover Clinic Pvt. Ltd.) M-0880 Medical w.e.f. 08.02.2017

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