The criteria for the selection of experts/assessors for NABL are based on the following:

 Age Educational Qualification Experience
Age of the expert should be 38-55 years Bachelor’s degree in Engineering/ Technology or a Master’s degree in Science

In case of medical testing, postgraduate in relevant medical fields or Ph.D. in relevant scientific fields

Minimum of ten years in the relevant field of testing/ calibration out of which 5 years at supervisory level and above.

In case of medical testing:Minimum of ten years in clinical laboratory, out of which 5 years at supervisory level and above.

For PTP and RMP, Minimum of ten years of experience in analysis and/ or characterization of relevant PT items/ reference material and trained as per ISO/IEC 17025 and/ or ISO 15189

 Other important aspects considered for selection are:

  1. Extensive experience in performing testing and calibration
  2. Experience in laboratory management and operations               
    • Current responsibilities for day to day management of testing and/ or calibration
    • Development and implementation of laboratory management system.
  3. A high degree of communication skills, both oral and written.
  4. Related professional activities including publication of technical papers in the testing or calibration, standards development and participation in conducting and/or coordinating proficiency programmes.