Lab Name :  Institute for Design of Electrical Measuring Instruments
Address    :  Swatantryaveer Tatya Tope Marg,
Chunabhatti, Sion,
Pin - 400022

Field Calibration Discipline Electro-Technical,Mechanical,Fluid Flow,Thermal
Certificate No. CC-2287    
Issue Date 03/12/2018 Valid Upto 30/08/2021
Extend Upto - Amendment date -
Discipline Group Sub Group
Electro-Technical Alternating Current (< 1 GHz) Others
Electro-Technical Direct Current Others
Electro-Technical Electrical Equipment Others
Electro-Technical EMI/ EMC Others
Electro-Technical Others Others
Electro-Technical RF/Microwave (1 GHz and Above) Others
Electro-Technical Temperature Simulation Others
Electro-Technical Time & Frequency Others
Fluid Flow Flow Measuring Devices Others
Mechanical Acceleration and Speed Others
Mechanical Acoustics Others
Mechanical Dimension (Basic Measuring Instrument, Gauge etc.) Others
Mechanical Dimension (Precision Instruments) Others
Mechanical Pressure Balance or Dead Weight Tester Others
Mechanical Pressure Indicating Devices Others
Mechanical Torque Measuring Devices Others
Mechanical Volume Others
Mechanical Weighing Scale and Balance Others
Mechanical Weights Others
Thermal Specific Heat & Humidity Others
Thermal Temperature Others